Arcteryx - Smart Design + High Quality.

Named after the first reptile to develop feathers for flight and free itself from the ground (archaeopteryx lithographica), Arcteryx is all about bringing together smart design and high quality materials to create innovative and durable products. Arcteryx represents “state of the art” quality in the industry. Originally a highly sought-after backcountry brand, Arcteryx has had a successful transition in capturing the specific needs of side country and alpine skiers. We are growing every year with Arcteryx and there is no sign of slowing down.


“I’ve been an Arc’Teryx user for about eight years now. Teaching avalanche courses and backcountry skiing is hard on equipment. I have found that there is nothing better than Arc’teryx when it comes to keeping me protected from the elements when out of bounds.”

Jans Expert Scott House

Scott House
Communications and Social Media Manager, Jans


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