Our Demo Bike Philosophy

A bike has to fit its owner both physically and in personality. The physical dimensions are pretty easy to understand, but the right personality match is the key to really loving your bike. Do you like to charge gnarly downhills, or would you rather climb like your hair’s on fire. Or maybe you’d like a bike that can handle pretty much anything without getting flustered.

Bikes come in all kinds of personalities just like people, and major technical improvements over the last three or four years have upped the game considerably. Mountain bikes, for example, now come in cross-country, trail, all mountain, freeride and downhill versions,... learn more

Call the Experts at Jans for more information - 800-745-1020. All test bikes are available for reservation at $90 a day.
To book a rental bike, please visit our Bike Rental page

Know How To Test

Just hopping on a bike will tell you a little bit, but not enough to make the best decision about which bike to buy. Why? Because if the suspension on a mountain bike is set up for someone who weighs 210 lbs and you weigh 170, that bike is going to buck... learn More

Free Test Program*

*It’s our “Try Before You Buy” program, and it’s designed for people who are serious about buying a bike – road bike, time-trial bike, mountain bike, or cruiser. learn More