Ski and Bike Demos in Park City

For the past 30 years here at Jans we have staked our reputation on being experts in mountain recreation and on the gear that’s part of the experience. As experts, we’ve become pretty particular about the gear we use and the gear we sell. As a result, we know how important it can be to you to test something before you buy it, and that’s our demo center’s focus. Try before you buy!

The interactive process used by our Experts will prequalify which models are best for you by defining your needs, and we feature... learn more

Click on the tab above for the type of gear you’d like to test, or call the Experts at Jans for more information – 800-745-1020

Like A Test Drive

If you know exactly which car you want to buy (based on previous experience or what you’ve read or the manufacturer’s specs,) then you can buy online with comfort. Not everyone is in that position. If you aren’t sure, it’s a good idea to take a few cars out for a test drive... learn more

Money Well Spent

The nice thing about testing at Jans is that you can test a number of skis or bikes in one day. And, when you buy, we’ll credit 100% of up to three days of... learn more