Guided Fly Fishing in Park City, Utah

Looking for things to do in Park City, Utah? Whether you’re an experienced angler, or simply intrigued by the prospect, fly fishing with the guides at Jans is guaranteed to be a memorable experience. We offer guided fly fishing trips to the Weber, Provo, and Strawberry Rivers, and provide you with the gear you need to hook the fish. From transportation and lunch, to waders, boots, rods, flies and your terminal tackle, our guides make your fly fishing adventure convenient and enjoyable. From individualized trips, to trips for the whole family, to corporate outings, we’ll make sure you leave Park City with some fishing stories.

With both half-day (five hour) and full-day (eight hour) fly fishing trips available, you can determine how much of your day you want to dedicate to the river. Whether you’re just looking to hook a fish and snap a picture for your friends and family back home, or you want to learn enough to be able to head back out on your own, our guides will cater the fly fishing experience to you.... learn more

For more information call our Fly Fishing Experts at Jans at 435-649-4949. And as always, rivers and the fish that are biting are weather dependent. Call us or stop by Jans to find out more about current river conditions and where we’re fishing.


Larry Culley, longtime Jans fly fishing guide, provides descriptions of our local rivers:

“The three rivers that we spend most of our time on at Jans are the tailwater flows [controlled rivers below a dam] of the Weber, Provo, and Strawberry. And while we do spend some time in freestone rivers, it’s the warmer tailwaters that provide the year round fishing and insect life that make for such ideal conditions. With trout feeding consistently year round, the result is bigger fish, and more of them.”

Weber River:

“The Weber is a great tailwater fishery that’s accessible year round. It’s predominantly wild brown trout that are being hooked, but the occasional rainbow and cutthroat are caught too. And while it may be lesser known than the Provo, the fish are just as big and pull just as hard.”

Provo River:

“The Provo is rated one of the top 100 fisheries in the US by Trout Unlimited for a reason. The wild brown trout in this river are strong and there’s plenty of them. With easy access from Park City, and such a high fish density, the Provo is a remarkably consistent fishery for our tours.

On top of that, tens of millions of dollars have been spent recently to undo the ‘straightening’ of the Provo that occurred in the ’50’s. With its meanders and wetlands restored, the Provo has thrived as a trout fishery. At one point there were so many fish in this river that they even reintroduced otters to add another predator to the mix.”

Strawberry River:

“The Strawberry is made up of two different tailwater stretches. The first is a deep and remote mountain canyon with very big fish in a very small stream. Simply put, it’s challenging fishing. But if you’re up for the challenge, this is the trip to take your fishing to the next level. The second reach is high desert. And again, it’s very challenging with big fish that aren’t easily fooled.

Either way, this isn’t your family-friendly fly fishing trip. I’ve even seen a mountain lion in broad daylight. But again, if you’re up to the test this river has the potential to land the fish of a lifetime.”

Provo River

Weber River

Strawberry River