New Skills Equals More Fun

It might not be universal, but it is pretty close – the better you are at something, the more fun it is. If you have the desire to learn, we have the instructors and guides that can help you get better, much better. We can introduce you to fly-fishing, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing, or we can offer you performance coaching at the highest levels. Our experienced guides and instructors are the most knowledgeable in Utah, and we’re here to help you get the most from your avocation (or profession.)... learn More

Let us know how we can help you get into the outdoors, and we’ll be happy to oblige. And, if you don’t see a class or course here that meets your specific needs, call us at (888) 649-8710, and we’ll tailor something just for you.

Nordic Lessons

Come learn the ease and grace of classic cross-country skiing with one of our many talented instructors. You'll become a master in no time.

One word of caution: the fun factor is high enough that you just might become addicted to our 20km of groomed tracks. For more information contact our Experts at the Nordic Center at (435) 649-6249 or (888) 649-8710.

Free Avalanche Awareness

White Pine Touring offers classes and training for every level of backcountry user, including aspiring ski mountaineering guides seeking certification from the American Mountain Guides Association. learn More

Customer Comments

Dear Wis, Larry, "Jans," and John,

Thank you a million times over for putting together the women's fly fishing clinic on the Provo last weekend. It meant the world to both Michelle and myself to have such a positive, first-time-fishin' experience. We greatly appreciated all aspects of the event, and our on-river 'teachers' (Mike, Mark, and Steve) were beyond terrific. They imparted so much wisdom with such ease and patience!

Thank you.

Hi Paul,

I wanted to personally recognize one of your instructors. He is Michael Watson. I met Michael in the spring at White Pine when my girlfriend and I rented mountain bikes for the first time. He was our instructor. It was such a positive and fun experience that we even came back for another session! We just loved his enthusiasm and constant encouragement. I remember, after our first session, Michael followed up with an email to me recapping the fundamentals of mountain biking and his metaphors (which helped us visualize and focus during the course of the day). The email was a wonderful personal touch.

The next time I saw him was last week when I walked into your shop at the Park City Hotel to inquire about cross country classic and skate ski lessons. We talked for a while; he explained the differences between the two styles; the equipment, etc. The next day, when I went in for an 11:00 am group skate ski lesson, Michael was already out giving a group lesson; so I went out in a group lesson with Betsy (who was great).

On Friday of this week, I took a private classic cross country ski lesson with Michael. I have to say, Michael is truly an awesome instructor/coach/mentor (all of the above). He has a clear, solid approach to teaching the fundamentals and building the skill-set from there. He always gives positive reinforcement during the learning process, which of course, one needs when first learning a sport. I truly love his enthusiasm for what he does. It makes a difference for the student. As an instructor, Michael does not just go through the motions. He has a genuine passion for the sport(s), and seeks to instill that passion in his clients. Again, it makes a difference, and it makes me want to come back for more!

When I was in the group skate lesson with Betsy, I was observing (from the distance) Michael's coaching approach in a group setting. It was very consistent with how he approaches the one-on-ones, and again, his passion was evident. There was one individual who was having trouble "getting it", and I saw that it became "personal" to him to make sure that she ended the session with a positive experience and knowledge of the fundamentals. He even offered to come back out after checking-in to spend a little more time with her. That was awesome!

Yesterday, Michael followed up with an email to me recapping the fundamentals of the classic style (and his memory aiding metaphors). Just incredible! I have to say that Michael truly embraces what he does. He is passionate about the sport(s), passionate about people, and passionate about teaching.

Congratulations for having such a solid guy on the White Pine team!

Robert L
Part-time PC Resident from Henderson, NV