Expert Nordic Ski Tuning

Every Nordic skier knows that a good grind and good wax can make or break your ski day. It’s the difference between gliding like a rock star and feeling like you’re skiing on Styrofoam. Nordic skiers are at the mercy of snow conditions, and Utah’s low moisture content snow provides a special challenge. That’s where our experienced ski technicians come in. learn more

Pick Your Grind

We recently brought all of our grinding equipment in-house so that the Nordic Center is where yours skis are tuned and waxed. We offer three different Nordic ski tuning options customized to your needs... learn more

How It Works

A stone grind is essential to help your skis take wax again. At Jans, we use a stone grinder designed specifically for Nordic skis. Since there are no metal edges on the skis, the pressure and speed of our grinder is much less so it gets the job done without damaging fragile classic or skate ski bases. learn more

Nordic Tuning Service Menu      
Grind Service
Full Grind

Base Grind, Hot Wax


Thermobag with Toko S3 Yellow

Toko S3 Basic Wax

Iron on Wax, Scrape, Brush Finish


Toko Low Fluoro Mid Wax

Temperature Dependent


Toko High Fluoro Premium Wax

Temperature Dependent

Thermobag with Toko S3 Yellow
Thermobag 2 Stage with Toko S3 Yellow, S3 Blue
Shop Service
Nordic Mount
NIS Mount
Pole Cutting
Race Service

Thermobag, LF Base, HF Top, Toko JetStream Speed Layer


Moly Ironed in, HF Top, Toko JetStream Speed Layer


HF Top, Toko Jetstream Speed Layer


On-Site. Overnight. Guaranteed.

The White Pine Touring Nordic Center now has full service tuning equipment on-site to take care of your tuning needs. learn More


Daily Track Conditions

Stay on top of the Nordic Center track report at or listen for the local cross-country skiing conditions on KPCW-FM (91.9) each morning at 7:15AM-ish. learn more


CW1 - For colder, drier snow. Works best below roughly 12 degrees, but can run a bit warmer in dry conditions

CW2 - A universal structure for the Inter-Mountain West. Runs well from around 10 to 20 degrees. Provides an excellent base for race day hand structuring.

MW1 - Best around 18 to 28 degrees, with higher humidity snow that has begun to transform

WW1 - From 28 degrees on up, this is our warmest structure for snow that has begun to get wet. An aggressive structure that helps the ski to break suction in saturated snow.

Race Wax Service

Boulder Mountain Tour, Round Valley Round Up, Wasatch Citizen Series, Junior Nationals... Avoid the stress and rely on our professional technician, Cory Wubbles, to test your fleet, pick your skis and decide on the wax. Wax applied, and skis delivered to your race, ready to go!

Delivery service is $20 additional and sign up is required 6 days prior to the event for Boulder Mountain Tour, Round Valley Round Up and Junior Nationals.