Adam Lavigne, Jans Expert
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Adam Lavigne Mountain Biking in Park City, Utah

Adam Lavigne

Repair Shop Manager, White Pine Touring

Clinton, NJ

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 30
• Biking – 365

Bragging Rights:
• Raced all 4 Scott Enduro Cups in 2016
• Raced Kingdom Enduro, Burke Mountain Bike Park, 2016
• Ridden single track in 12 different states and Canada
• 10 years riding, jumping, testing and fixing bikes

Adam Lavigne has been wrenching bikes for over a decade; ever since he was in college back East. When he moved to Park City, Adam came to work for White Pine Touring because he could tell it was the local bike shop since it had bikes outside all the time, even in the winter. He loves living here because he likes riding all different kinds of mountain bike trails and Park City has a little bit of everything – from challenging Enduro rides to long XC rides and the variety that only good bike parks can provide. Adam likes the fitness aspect of mountain biking, the adrenaline rush and testing his speed and reflexes. “I like trying to do stuff that pushes my limits, like hitting a big jump or riding down something that didn’t seem possible,” he says. And for someone who likes biking so much, Park City’s bus system and bike-friendly atmosphere are pretty crucial. “It’s important to be able to ditch the car,” smiles Adam.


“The wealth of knowledge that Adam has about bikes is really incredible. He’s a great resource. Whether its spoke length or oil weights and volumes, anything you would normally have to look up, Adam just knows. He also has ridiculously good people skills and a good way with words and dealing with folks. He lives biking. He loves it. He’s the real deal.”

Mike Caldwell

Mike Caldwell
Programs Director, White Pine Touring