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Junior Ski Racing

Junior skiers run the gamut from wide-eyed ten year olds to twenty year olds on the verge of breaking into the World Cup circuit. Such a broad range means parents and kids need experts to help them navigate the complexities of a sport where equipment and ability change yearly, if not monthly.

And that’s where Jans fits into the picture. The fact that some of our team members are former National Team racers and coaches themselves, and that our expert ski tuners are trusted with the skis of Masters racers, Paralympic hopefuls and junior racers with Olympic aspirations mean that we understand all of the nuances of juniors ski racing.

Whether you’re a pre-teen, young adult or parent, Jans is the place to meet all of your racing needs. If you can’t stop by one of our stores, or our tuning center called Rennstall, have a look through this section of the website. We’ll share ski setup and tuning techniques to give junior and FIS racers the edge against the competition. We also include our top picks for race product from skis, boots and bindings to protective gear, preferred waxes and information on the Jans demo program. Consider this your education source for juniors ski racing.