Andy Buckley

Manager, Rennstall

Greater Chicago

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 6 - 7 months
• Biking – 50
• Fly Fishing – 10

Bragging Rights:
• SBX (Snowboard Cross) Head Technician, U.S. Snowboarding (2007 - present)
• U.S. Ski Team Technician (2001 - 2007)
• Men's and women's U.S. World Cup Ski Teams Technician
• Technician at 4 Olympic Games (Salt Lake City, Torino, Vancouver, Sochi)
• Tuned for U.S. snowboarders that have won: 1 Olympic medal, 6 World Championship medals, 9 X-Games medals & 43 World Cup medals
• Featured on Rolling Stone for his work with U.S. Snowboarding. Check out: Snowboard Cross Champ Nate Holland's Road to Sochi

Andy Buckley started working for Rennstall in 1997. Just four years and countless grinds later, Andy’s growing reputation as one of the best tuners out there caught the attention of the U.S. Ski Team. Asked to do a working interview with the team in Mammoth in 2001, he was hired just two days later to work with the Women’s Development Team. Quickly working his way up to the World Cup team, Andy established himself as one of the top ski technicians in the country.

After injuries forced his athletes out of the 2007 World Cup season, Andy agreed to lend his services to the U.S. Snowboard Cross Team. Excited by the passion of the elite young snowboarders, but shocked by the lack of attention being paid to their equipment, he agreed to become U.S. Snowboarding’s first ever full-time SBX technician. Eight years later, Andy’s tuning and waxing skills have helped create the most dominant snowboard team in the world.


“Andy Buckley has been a mainstay in Park City for over 20 years. We were housemates way back in 1993 when we were both new to town, and watching him progress from a liftie at Park City Mountain to a tuner at the World Cup level has been awesome. He is recognized as one of the best techs in the country, if not world, and we’re stoked to have him on the team.”

Christian Gennerman