Blake Summers

Guide, White Pine Touring
Jans Athlete Team Member

Park City

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 100+
• Mountain Biking – 50+
• Climbing – 100+

Bragging Rights:
• Utah section chair, American Alpine Club (AAC)
• American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA), SPI certification
• Certified Wilderness First Responder
• Education and Outreach Committee, Salt Lake Climbers Alliance
• On cover of Utah Adventure Journal
• Hiked and climbed to the highest point in Utah, Kings Peak, in a day

A self-proclaimed mountain man, Blake Summers was originally introduced to climbing while he was working as a ski tech at the Santa Fe Ski Resort. When he moved to Utah and picked up a copy of the book, Uinta Rock, and some of his own gear, climbing became a passion. The Uintas are his favorite place to climb and he loves sharing the sport with others. Blake has been a rock climbing guide for nearly two decades and has developed several climbing routes in the region. He loves the mental clarity and feeling of accomplishment he gets from climbing, plus the "rad" places it takes him. "Some views only climbers have the privilege to behold," Blake says.


“Blake has more energy than anyone I know and is always ready for an adventure. Whether it is setting new routes in the Uintas, biking forgotten trails, or wallowing in chest-deep snow, Blake is always ready to go at the drop of a hat.”

Weston Deutschlander
Guide, White Pine Touring