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Nice Rack (Springtime Climbing in Utah)

It's springtime in Utah. You know what that means. It is time to get in climbing shape. The smart climbers out there have been at The Mine Bouldering Gym or Momentum Climbing Gym all winter staying strong. If you are like me, however, you were too busy to go to the gym because you were slaying the greatest snow on Earth in one of the greatest winters in a decade. I wouldn't trade my 100+ powder days of 2016/17 to climb 5.13, but I AM paying the price for not climbing all winter. There...

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Teaming Up With The Salt Lake Climbers Alliance

A little over a decade ago, I landed in Park City with my snowboard and my big red suitcase. I was coming straight off the travel bus. Having hiked the Appalachian Trail, traveled through South America and lived in Japan for the previous year, I was planning to stay in Park City just for a winter to be a ski bum and then hit the road again. That's until I wandered into White Pine Touring and saw they had a rock climbing program. I had never climbed before, but thought that guiding rock cl...

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White Pine Touring Rock Climbing Programs - New Permits, New Areas

Summer is right around the corner, the snow has nearly melted in the mountains, and as always I am excited to start the guiding season. I have been a White Pine Touring (WPT) rock climbing guide for almost a decade. This year, however, I have extra reasons to be excited for the upcoming season. White Pine Touring has secured the permits to guide on the Evanston-district side of the Uinta Mountains. This means three new venues; Stone Garden, Ruth Lake, and Hayden Peak are now available for our...

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How to Clean a Rock Climbing Rope

So you've got a dirty climbing rope. It pains you to know that the sharp microcrystals in the dirt are constantly creating tiny amounts of damage to this crucial piece of climbing equipment. Plus your hands get dirty belaying with it. Come on, it's time to wash that rock climbing rope. This was pretty much the pep talk I gave myself in preparation for washing my climbing rope this week. But despite my lack of enthusiasm, I have to admit that the whole process was really not that b...

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Rock Climbing in Utah | Guided Rock Climbing by Jans

Part of my job as editor for is to figure out what kinds of information will be helpful to our prospective customers. This summer, I thought it would be a good idea for each of our writers, including myself, to tag along on a Jans guided tour. That way we could provide our readers with some insight about what to expect and see who would benefit the most from our guided fly fishing, climbing, hiking, and biking tours. I decided to review our Full-Day Guided Uinta Climbing Tour sin...

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Rock Climbing Safety Checklist

In general, rock climbing can be quite safe if you approach it with the right tools and respect. Conversely, it can be really dangerous if you approach it with carelessness. We all like to have fun, and staying injury-free is part of keeping things fun. I like to approach rock climbing as if we are all humans and may make mistakes - because we are and we do. Here is a rock climbing safety checklist of questions to ask before a climb. 1. Are we all alert enough to handle this potentially d...

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How to Dress for Rock Climbing

If you've ever ripped your pants on a high step or a brush with sharp rock, dealt with bulky pockets that repeatedly got caught on your harness, or missed a foothold because you couldn't quite see it past your loose jacket - then you can appreciate the importance of good rock climbing clothing. For comfort while climbing, you'll want to wear clothing that offers mobility, durability, a close fit, harness compatibility, and moisture management. Read on about how to dress for rock c...

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Rock Climbing in Ferguson Canyon, Utah

Legend has it that Ferguson Canyon was historically home to a gold mine, and that Brigham Young shut it down in order to prevent a California gold rush style influx of fortune seekers from disturbing the peaceful Zion of Salt Lake City. The whereabouts of the old mine is now unknown, but today, Ferguson Canyon sure is a gold mine for rock climbers.
Easily accessible with lots of routes to enjoy; shady, beautiful, and full of friendly people and dogs - there is so much to love about rock climbi...

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Rock Climbing Techniques to Make You a Better Climber

No matter what you do, from driving a car to running to biking, there is technique involved. Climbing is no different and today’s blog post is dedicated to some rock climbing techniques that will make you a more successful climber.

Use Your Strength- Climb with Your Feet
Unequivocally the most important technique/tip for rock climbing is to climb with your feet. Often times, men especially, try to climb with their hands. They have big arms and chests, so why not use them? The bes...

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Men's Climbing Pants and Shorts - Why Buy Them?

Hanging out at your local crag, you might notice a variety of rock climber ‘looks’ - guys sporting rolled up Carhartts or jeans, cargo shorts, capris (or “man-pris”, as I like to call them). While these styles get the job done, outdoor apparel companies have been honing climbing apparel for durability, fit and function. Once you slip into climbing-specific pants or shorts, you’ll probably never go back to shredding your threadbare cargo shorts against sandstone. ...

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Rock Climbing Shorts, Pants, and Capris for Women

Bleh, don’t you just hate it when your bulky pants and unfortunately placed pockets bunch up under your rock climbing harness, constricting your mobility and chafing your skin? I do too.

So I’ve rounded up some of my favorite choices for women's shorts, capris, and pants that are specifically designed for rock climbing comfort and functionality. In this category, the main features I focus on are flexibility, durability, and harness compatibility, in a women’s specific ...

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Best Rock Climbing in the World

The best rock climbing in the world is not a definitive discussion; it comes down to opinion and whom you are talking to. It could be the wall of a bridge abutment, a local gym, or a local crag. The best climbing in the world is the route or problem you are on right now.

My criteria for the Best Rock Climbing in the world has to do with scenery, quality of rock, safety and whether or not the route challenges you. That being said, there are a few stand out locations that are deemed &ldquo...

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Rock Climbing Terms & Lead Climbing Tips for Beginners

If you’ve done some top roping and are looking to start leading climbs, then hey, read on, these tips and terms are for you!

Where To Do Your First Lead Climb
Start out easy. Do your first lead climb on a route without moves that will make you question your ability. Probably a climb you’ve done before is best. Keep it simple by choosing a single pitch climb, and something with bolted anchors so you don’t have to deal with placing traditional gear. Once you successfully l...

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How To Belay

Believe it or not, Rock Climbing is one of the safest activities that I guide. It is nearly the exact opposite of what many people think. Most people think that it is dangerous, risky, and downright scary. In reality, it has the lowest rates of injury of any activity we offer and is hands down the safest. In today's blog we will discuss how to belay. I frequently share with beginner climbers on any of our White Pine Touring's Rock Climbing Tours that: “The approach to the base of t...

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Rock Climbing Shoes for Entry Level Climbers - Size Does Matter

Rock climbing shoes are a lot like ski boots. No, they aren’t bulky torture chambers that make you walk like Frankenstein, but they are the most personalized piece of climbing gear that you will own. So to go climbing without your own shoes, even if you are an entry level climber, is a lot like going on a ski trip without taking along your boots. Skiers willingly slug their heavy footwear through various airports because they know that boots make the difference in skiing ability and comfor...

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Rock Climbing in Utah - Check Out the Uinta Mountains

With all different types of rock, from sandstone to granite, and all different types of climbing including face climbs, crack climbs, traditional, sport, top rope, and bouldering, there is an excellent variety of quality rock climbing locations in Utah.

Rock Climbing in the Uinta Mountains
The expert guides at White Pine Touring are proud to share first rate climbing experiences in the beautiful mountains of the Uinta National Forest, less than 40 minutes outside of Park City, Utah.


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Salt Lake Climbers Alliance Fundraising Event

Salt Lake Climbers Alliance

Rock climbing and bouldering are sports that depend greatly upon the preservation of our delicate natural environment. Salt Lake Climbers Alliance exists to promote climbing opportunities, preserve local access, and encourage environmental stewardship. Their mission is an important one, not only to local climbers, but also to all of us who enjoy the natural beauty of the great outdoors in the Wasatch Mountains
To advance their goals, the Salt Lake Climbers&...

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JANS.COM Goes Climbing: Bouldering in Triassic and Joe's Valley, Utah

Words and Photos: Kendall Fischer

I stepped out of the car and into the sunshine, light breeze, dusty wide horizoned desert sprinkled with sandstone boulders. I think the first thing I said was “can we stay here forever?” And then I immediately felt silly since it was only my first 5 seconds ever being there, and what if for some reason it wasn’t awesome? But Triassic (located in the nowhere south of Price, Utah) did live up to my initial instinctive expectations ...