Started in 1992, prAna originally made clothing designed for climbing and yoga. 'Prana' is a Sanskrit word meaning life, breath, and vitality of spirit and was a concept that guided the company to be socially and environmentally mindful. Their first products were cut and sewn in a garage, and shipped in surplus fruit boxes. It was a simple beginning, yet with a powerful motivation to positively affect change in the way that people think about the clothing they purchase.


Since then, the company has grown a lot, but in many ways, has stayed exactly the same. Many of the original employees are still the driving influence behind prAna to this day and are committed to promoting conservation – changing the way that clothing companies think about their responsibilities in manufacturing, Today prAna stays closely aligned with their founding principles. From organic cotton, to fair trade practices, prAna is dedicated to creating their clothing ethically and responsibly.

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