SmartWool firmly believes that "toes don't have to be cold". They've adhered to this philosphy with their Merino wool socks. Merino wool keeps high mountain sheep comfortable in hot summers and harsh winters, insulating and wicking moisture to keep them comfortable in a wide range of conditions – and it does the same when worn by humans too.  Since, Merino wool has become a “go to” fabric in the outdoor world and SmartWool has guaranteed their products 100% so you can stay outside longer. Not only that, but SmartWool follows Zque standards of fair trade and environmental, social and economic sustainability for their growers. 

Jans started buying ski socks from SmartWool just a handful of years ago. Not only have we sold thousands and thousands of pairs over the years, but we now offer a wide array of their now full line of socks, apparel and accessories. SmartWool isn't just socks anymore. Now, Jans and SmartWool will keep you warm from head to toe.

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