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Swix may be known for their excellent ski waxes but they have also expanded into men’s and women’s Nordic wear and accessories. The Swix brand can literally apply to everything from the wax on your cross country ski bases to nearly all the apparel you’ll need – all in the name of efficiency and faster skiing. In 1937, an industrious Swede sought to create new ski waxes for “unwaxable” snow conditions. By 1948, every Olympic gold medalist Nordic skier was using Swix wax. And now, that legacy perseveres with a broad range of quality products.

“To me, wax is a science and no other company has the data and resources to answer the question of what makes a ski go fast. And wax aside, Swix clothing fits and performs well, mirroring their efforts in creating the perfect wax.”

Jans Expert Logan Jones

Logan Jones
Manager, White Pine Nordic Center

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