Bransford Briggs

Ski Hardgoods & Fly Shop Manager, Jans

Park City

Been in Industry since:

Been at Janssince:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 60+
• Fly Fishing – 100+

Bragging Rights:
• U of U graduate, with a BS/BA in Environmental Studies/Literature
• Proud dog dad to Maebe
• Member of the United States Youth Fly Fishing Team, 2004-2006
• Regional Champion in Freestyle Moguls and Nordic Ski Jumping
• A true PC local, born and raised!

Bransford’s history with both Jans and skiing started at the same time. At age 2, he got on his first pair of skis with the help of the Jans trade-up program for kids, which set the foundation for his competitive ski career, from age 6 to 21. His interest in fly fishing was officially sparked around age 12, when he was given his first fly tying vise and rod. Fortunately, his position with Jans changes seasonally to match his greatest passions— in the winter, you’ll find him in our ski shop, and in the summer, the fly shop.

“Bransford is as local as it gets. Both a superb skier and fly fisherman, his knowledge of local spots to eat, relax, ski, and fly fish are second to none. Bransford has been instrumental in creating a friendly and well-stocked fly and ski shop, here at Jans, and he brings an unmatched passion to the Park Avenue location.”

Travis Vernon
Co-Manager, Jans on Park Avenue
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