Brendan Trieb, Jans Expert
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Brendan Trieb

Brendan Trieb

Ski Technician, Jans Park Ave
Jans Athlete Team Member

Lima, NY

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 100+
• Biking – 50+

Bragging Rights:
• 3 years traveling and competing with Park City Freestyle Team
• 1st place in 2012 Friday Night Jib Fights, Wasatch Competition series
• Amateur finalist and semi-finalist in pro competition at War of the Rails, Bear Mountain
• Freeride ski coach at Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp for the last 4 summers

When you’re raised by parents who are ski instructors, you’re destined to be a great skier. Brendan Trieb is no exception. After ski racing back East, Brendan was looking for something a little different. Lucky for him, the freeride phenomenon was just starting. A camp in Whistler pretty much cemented him into the world of freestyle skiing and he began competing when he was 14 years old. After traveling up and down the East coast to competitions during high school, Brendan decided to give freestyle skiing out West a shot. He joined the Park City Freestyle Team and trained and competed with them for three years. Now a Ski Tech for Jans, Brendan knows how to get the most life out of freestyle skis. Something crucial in a sport where edges are ripped apart by rails. He still competes in freestyle contests. And wins.


“Brendan is extremely hard working and very goal oriented. Which makes him a great freestyle skier. His tricks are very well thought out and technically sound. While he’s equally good at slopestyle and big air, he excels in rail skiing. His misty hand plant over a bonk feature at Bear Mountain blew me away. He’s inspiring to watch.”

Ross Downard

Ross Downard
Photo Editor,