Carolyn Holliday

Softgoods Buyer, Jans & White Pine Touring

Farmington, Maine

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Alpine Skiing – 25
• Biking – 50
• Nordic Skiing – 40
• Running – 100

Carolyn Holliday started racing mountain bikes as a kid and got a job in a bike shop while she was in high school in order to get bike parts at a discount - so she’s been in the industry quite a while. Carolyn likes to be challenged;that’s why she’s always out there doing various outdoor sports, trying to get a little bit better at something every day. She drove across the country one time in order to move out here, and she says she’d never do it again because sitting still for three days straight was just too awful. Passionate about shopping and about being outside, Carolyn is pretty excited to be buying apparel for Jans, and we’re just as excited to have her.