Charlie Sturgis

Executive Director, Mountain Trails Foundation

Winnetka, IL

Been in Industry since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 80+
• Biking – 50+
• Climbing – 40+

Bragging Rights:
• Former owner of White Pine Touring
• Co-wrote Prime Cuts mountain bike guidebooks with Mark K. Fischer
• Park City Chamber of Commerce, former board member
• Park City Recreation, former board member
• Founding member of Mountain Trails Foundation
• Integral to helping Park City attain IMBA’s only Gold Level Ride Center designation

While attending the University of Utah, Charlie Sturgis decided to give rock climbing a try. He had previously worked for a landscape company taking down large trees, and thought that climbing would be a similar experience. Not even close. The now veteran climber admits that his first route was a little frightening, but once he learned to trust the equipment and took a few rock climbing classes, he became much more confident. Also an avid skier and mountain biker, Charlie considers rock climbing his favorite sport. “It’s addicting,” he says. “Climbing is so individualized since the same climb can be done a million different ways by different people.”

As a founding member of Mountain Trails Foundation, the local non-profit that helps support and maintain Park City’s trails, Charlie easily transitioned into his current role as their Executive Director. So what does he like best about his awesome job? “Nobody dies if you don’t show up; that’s what I say every powder morning.”


“Charlie has introduced thousands of people to climbing and mountain biking, and he’s also a really good advocate for all types of trail users. Biking with Charlie is always entertaining. Sometimes you’re going into familiar territory and other days you’re headed for one of his great adventures. Those are the days you have to be careful. I’ve been on rides with him where we were a long way from home, completely out of food and water and it was getting dark. The great thing about Charlie is you always know you’re going to come back safe and sound. He’s a legend in his own time, even if he’s not in his own mind. ”

Mark K. Fischer
Co-founder & Managing Director,