Chris 'Wis' Wistner

Store & Fly Shop Manager, Jans Park Ave


Canandaigua, New York

Been in Industry since:


Been at Jans/WPT since:


Days a year:

• Fishing – 40-60

Bragging Rights:

• Has traveled extensively to fish:  British Columbia for Steelhead, Florida for Tarpon, South Andros for Bonefish, Christmas Island for Giant Trevally

• Accomplished fly casting instructor who has taught thousands of people to fly fish

Industry Involvement/Outreach:

• Member of Trout Unlimited and has worked with our local T.U. chapter, High Country Fly Fishers, putting on Introductory fly-fishing clinics and organizing River Cleanups


Chris "Wis" Wistner loved fishing as a kid, but it wasn’t until he moved out West that he discovered his true passion – fly fishing. Wis lives for the anticipation of a fish taking the fly and appreciates the peaceful beauty of casting in mountain streams and rivers. The former fly fishing guide really enjoyed watching people go from never holding a fly rod to having a fish on end of the line and seeing their expressions. Now the manager of Jans fly shop and guide service, Wis says being able to sell what he loves is the best part of his job. And even though his first fly fishing excursion with his boys ended prematurely when his sons ended up wrestling in the river, he still holds out hope that at least one of them will share the sport that means so much to him.