Photo Credit: Jon Vickers Cindi Grant, Jans Expert
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Cindi Grant

Cindi Lou Grant

Programs Director, White Pine Touring

Brighton, UT

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Snowboarding – 100+
• Biking – 50+

Bragging Rights:
• Sponsored split board athlete – Voile, TREW, Smith Optics, Hestra gloves, Gregory packs, and Ruffwear
• 3rd place in Freeride World Tour
• Featured in PowerWhore Productions, along with Frequency & Backcountry Magazines
• Volunteer for Save Our Canyons & Athletes for Clean Air
• Survived the Alaskan Highway in February, while staying in a pop-up camper
• Certified yoga instructor

Cindi Lou Grant is an advocate of the backcountry. Not only does she live in a cabin that she and her husband built together, but Cindi is also an Ambassador for Save Our Canyons and an active participant in Athletes for Clean Air. A professional split boarder, Cindi skins up mountains on a snowboard split in two, and reattaches both parts at the top before riding back down. She started the sport when she got tired of tracked out lines at ski resorts and began to explore the backcountry. It opened up a whole new world of mountains without boundaries while taking her all over North America to splitboard.


“Cindi is full of energy and really down to earth. She is willing to teach people the basics and doesn’t intimidate them since she is easy to approach. Her wealth of knowledge and years of experience in the backcountry make Cindi good at her job. She not only knows all of the technical aspects of our products, but how they really work.”

Tyler Falk

Tyler Falk
Sales, White Pine Touring / Ski Technician, Rennstall