Expert Custom Bike Fitting

A custom bicycle fitting is a lot more than adjusting the height of a seat or the length of a stem fitting, and it will provide you with a huge enhancement to your performance and comfort. A properly fitted bike makes all the difference on the trails and on the road. Not only is proper fit more comfortable, the right alignment and geometric set up also lessens your risk of muscle and tendon strains and repeat movement injury so you can ride all day, day after day.

The goal of a Jans custom bike fit is to create a bike that is efficient, comfortable, and perfectly suited to the client’s goals and riding style. To provide you with all these benefits, Jans expert bike fitters, the best in the business, offer a custom fit for every bike we sell in store.

Once we know your objectives, we measure your riding height, inseam, torso, arm, and shoulder on our precision fit measuring devices. Measurements are then entered into our fitting program which creates a basic outline printout as a baseline for setting up the initial height, reach, and saddle setback.

From there, we observe you walking and the way your natural foot angle works, so that we can analyze and adjust the cleats and shoes for the perfect connection. We ask you to spin on the bike for a few minutes to warm up and find the sweet spot on the saddle. Then we take measurements that can include the lengths of your shin, thigh, and foot and make adjustments to find the perfect mechanical position for the lower body.

Upper body fit is then determined by looking at your lower back, hamstring flexibility, natural reach, goals, and intended use of the bike. Finally, we make stem and bar recommendations to make your bike fit like it’s part of you.

When your bike is perfectly set up for you, your power output gets transmitted more directly to the pedals. In addition to the obvious, better power transfer means you can ride much more efficiently, and that means less fatigue and fresher legs for each climb. If you’ve never had a Jans bike fitting, you will be surprised at the increases in your comfort and performance.

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Bike Fit Lifetime Guarantee

Because we’re confident in our bike fitting services, and because we expect you will love to ride for many years to come, we offer a guaranteed fit* for the life of the bike for all of our bike fittings. Down the road if you’re noticing a strain in your knee or something else that feels a little off, we’ll take care of any adjustments needed to perfect the position for you at no extra charge.

* Obviously, we can’t guarantee the fit as a child out grows the size of their bikes, but you knew that. We just had to say it to keep some attorney happy.

“More than just a seat adjustment...”

  1. Locate and mark the ball of the foot for cleat placement
  2. Install cleat on the shoe for proper placement
  3. Measure seat tube for proper frame size
  4. Measure top tube for proper frame size
  5. Rider settles into saddle and spins to determine proper seat height
  6. 90 degree sole angle and 2:00 determines proper seat height
  7. Plumb line from knee checks for proper fore/aft of saddle
  8. Measure knee to elbow for proper stem length
  9. Determine whether saddle is level for comfort
  10. Final Check