Custom Bike Fits

When you buy a bike, we want you to leave the shop knowing it’s completely dialed in just for you from the moment you jump on for your first ride. That’s why we provide a custom fit with every new bike purchase. A proper fit provides comfort, reduces chances of fatigue and even injury, and provides more efficiency and power as you pedal.

Jans Bike Fitting Process

We start by setting your cleats in the perfect spot on your shoes for maximum power transmission to your pedals. From there we move to seat height and fore and aft position so your lower back doesn’t wear out sooner than your legs or lungs, and then we set the handlebar height and reach for the best balance of weight fore and aft for improved traction and front end tracking. Finally, we move to suspension setup which we tune to your weight and riding style.

These basic touch points are critical for comfort on the bike as well as performance. During this process we’ll provide insight into the reasons we make each adjustment and how it benefits you as a rider. The more you know, the better able you are to feel the differences yourself so as you progress as a rider, you can come back for adjustments that will better fit your improved riding level.

If you have an older bike, you aren’t left out in the cold. We want everyone to have the best ride they can, because the better you ride, the more you’ll love this great sport. If you feel your existing bike needs an update, or if you want to pass your old steed to your son or daughter, we can make similar adjustments and recommend upgrades to increase performance and comfort.