Grace Gilchrist

Sales Associate, Jans Deer Valley at Snow Park

Newport Beach, CA

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans/WPT since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 50+

Bragging Rights:
• PSIA certified instructor in Alpine skiing
• Lived in 8 different ski towns throughout the country
• Proud mom of 2 rippin’ skiers
• Once was featured in SKI Magazine as one of the Top Ten People You Want To Visit In The East

From Cali to Vermont, Grace has skied it all. She has been in the ski industry her whole life, working at nine different resorts, doing everything from teaching lessons to working in ski shops. As a self-proclaimed gear head, Grace knows how to work a ski outfit as well as she knows how to snake lines through a powdery grove of aspens. Her love for the sport is infectious and she enjoys taking time to listen to the needs of her customers to help them find the gear that is best for them.


“Grace has a huge passion for skiing that translates into a lot of knowledge about hardgoods and softgoods. Grace loves the technical aspects of gear and will spend a whole chairlift ride talking to a stranger about the best products for their skiing style.”

Scott Cote
Store Manager, Jans Deer Valley at Snow Park