Hank Keil

Sales Associate, White Pine Touring

Moraga, CA

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 60+
• Biking – 60+

Bragging Rights:
• PSIA certified instructor in alpine skiing,  Nordic, and tele-mark skiing
• Competed on the University of Colorado Nordic B Team, 1984-1988
• Hiked Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada, 1979
• Former ski patroller, Mount Reba, CA, 1979–1982

Industry Involvement/Outreach:
• Coached Young Riders (youth mountain biking program) for 10+ years
• Co-founded and then coached Tele Tribe (youth telemark program) for 4 years

Unlike most people who move to Park City for the winters, Hank Keil moved here for the mountain biking. It’s not that he doesn’t enjoy skiing – Hank is an avid telemark skier, Nordic skier and even worked as a ski patroller in California for three years. Hank just really loves biking. He rides 4-5 days a week in the summer, in addition to occasionally commuting to work on six miles of singletrack. His first job with Jans was as a mountain bike guide at White Pine Touring. That was back when Park City didn’t even have an official trail map and Hank was handed a cocktail napkin with a bunch of squiggles on it so he wouldn’t get lost while guiding. What is it about mountain biking that is so special to him? “The only man-made object out there is your bicycle,” says Hank. “In the solitude and quiet, it’s just me and the porcupines, moose, squirrels, and blue jays, all that stuff that was here before we came.”


“Hank has a lot of good qualities that landed him the Assistant Manager position at our Park Avenue store. His customer service is spot on and he shows great leadership skills when I am off having fun. Hank’s product knowledge is above and beyond – he knows about products that we don't even sell. He is also an avid mountain biker and knows our trails very well. Hook up with Hank to choose an enjoyable trail ride. In the winter, watch out for him on the slopes tearing it up on his tele gear. The guy can rip!”

Karl Jacobson
Hardgoods Buyer, Alpine Skiing