How to Use Your Bike Gear

Being comfortable on the saddle, performing trail-side repairs, and taking your bike on trips can be a battle. Bikes are complicated with lots of moving parts but there purpose is simple. Knowing a few tricks and tips will keep your bike running smooth and you can ride worry free.

Bike Fit Lab

Sore knees, neck, or back? There are adjustments you can make at home to dial in the fit of your bike. Our guide lays out simple steps that will get your bike to fit better, to boost comfort and performance.

GeometryFit Tips

Bike Maintenance & Repair

Being able to change a flat, fix a chain, or do a safety check are imperative for safe and fun riding. Our guides offer easy steps to keep your bike running right.

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Bike Skills & Technique

We put together a guide of riding tips to help you build skills and confidence while you’re on the trails. From navigating technical climbs to jumping and cornering, improving these skills will make you a faster and smoother rider.

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Bike Travel Tips

Taking your bike on the plane or even on the back of the car can be tricky. We’ve broken down a few easy steps to take before you depart on your next trip to keep your steed and gear organized and protected.

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