Ian Hartley

Store Manager, White Pine Touring

Toronto, Canada

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans/WPT since:

Days a year:
• Mountain Biking – 100
• Skiing – 30

Bragging Rights:
• Ambassador for Mountain Trails Foundation
• Has mountain biked over 100 miles in one day

Ian started in the industry working at a bike shop in Toronto in 1999. He moved to Park City for the skiing in 2005, and stuck around when he discovered the abundance and quality of mountain bike trails. He was a regular customer at White Pine Touring while working for Specialized bikes, and saw WPT as the core local shop with friendly staff, fun events, and unique products. Ian loves being a part of the outdoor community as an ambassador for Mountain Trails Foundation, and organizing bi-weekly White Pine shop rides that can see up to 150 participants. He loves being outside, getting ‘maximum personal space,’ and enjoys the constant challenge of becoming a better mountain biker and skier.


“Ian has a deep level of knowledge within the outdoor industry. He knows both sides – hard and soft goods – and knows about the materials used and the manufacturing process of the product, how it functions, and why you should have it. His experience working for Specialized Bicycles before coming to WPT, as well as his overt addiction to bikes, has made Ian a virtual encyclopedia of all things cycling-related.

Ian is very proud to be Canadian, and for Canadian Thanksgiving and Canada Day each year he travels back and celebrates with his family.

Any time I get to ride bikes or ski with Ian, the dude shreds. He always makes for a great adventure buddy.”

Mike Caldwell
Programs Director, White Pine Touring