Ian McDonnell, Jans Expert
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Jans Expert Ian McDonnell Mountain Biking in Park City, Utah

Ian McDonnell

Bike Mechanic/Ski Tech, Jans Park Avenue

Albany, New York

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 100+
• Biking – 100+

Bragging Rights:
• Raced BMX bikes as a young teenager
• Snowboarded for 12 years; attended High Cascade Summer Snowboard Camp
• Has a degree in automotive technical services, but prefers working on bikes
• Competed in 2015 Enduro Cup at Canyons
• Has an awesome adventure dog named Gemma

Ian’s “rad” parents got him his first Specialized Rock Hopper when he was just 10 years old, and that was it – he was hooked. To this day, he still feels like a kid when he’s mountain biking. “There’s nothing more freeing than flying down a trail on your bike,” he says. In addition to loose, fast downhill riding, Ian is always game for a punishing climb…and everything in between. He’s also been skiing since the age of four so it’s fair to say he’s pretty much got that down, too.

Living in Park City allows Ian to simply walk out his door and be surrounded by the mountains that provide all of the things he loves to do. And living in a town where everyone shares the same passion for the outdoors is a great way to live, as far as he’s concerned.


“Ian is one of the nicest guys around and brings a wealth of knowledge from his experiences on the hill. He isn’t here to judge, he just wants to fix your skis or bike so you can get back out there.”

Jans Expert Paul Boyle

Paul Boyle
Data and Production Manager, jans.com