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Join our loyalty program and every time you shop at Jans, earn points (and money) towards new gear for skiing, biking, fly fishing, and more!

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How the Jans Rewards Program Works

Become a Jans Rewards Program member and earn one point for every dollar spent on products in-store and online. When you achieve a new membership tier, like Green Circle or Black Diamond, you can exchange your points for a Jans gift certificate or continue earning to reach a higher level -- and a bigger reward! Gift certificates can be used towards gear, apparel, and other merchandise, in-store or online.

Jans Rewards Program Membership Levels

LevelPoints NeededRewards
Green Circle500 points$25 gift certificate
Blue Square2,500 points$125 gift certificate
Double Blue Square5,000 points$250 gift certificate
Black Diamond10,000 points$500 gift certificate, and 1.5 points for every $1 spent
Double Black Diamond15,000$875 gift certificate, and 2 points for $1 spent

How to Earn Points

Shop at Jans, in-store or online1 point for every $1 spent (1.5 for Black Diamond, 2 for Double Black Diamond)
Log in to your account for the first time250 points
Subscribe to our Jans newsletter250 points
Share gear from on Facebook15 points (per product shared)
Celebrate your birthday50 points
Celebrate your anniversary as a Jans Rewards Program member50 points

More Information About Jans Rewards Program

Product purchases are the only purchases eligible for points; members cannot earn points from guided trips, lessons, tours, rentals, or demos.

Jans Rewards gift certificates can be used towards products only; Rewards gift certificates cannot be used towards guided trips, lessons, tours, rentals, or demos.

Jans Rewards gift certificates can be used at or at Jans retail stores, only.

A Rewards Program Membership Level and point balance milestone must be achieved to be eligible to redeem points and receive the level-appropriate gift certificate.

Rewards Program members can elect to redeem points for a gift certificate in-store or online.

  • In-store: A manager provides a gift certificate code, which can be used in-store or online.
  • Online: Rewards Program members are provided an electronic gift certificate code that can be used in-store or online.

When a Rewards Program Member redeems points, their Rewards Program Membership Level may be affected and will reflect the new point balance.

When sharing a product link on Facebook, Rewards Program Members will earn points for per product shared and not per share of one product link; members do not earn points for sharing the same product link multiple times.

Rewards Program points and rewards do not expire.

When a product is returned, in-store or online, its respective points will be deducted from the Rewards Program member’s point balance.

Products purchased with a Rewards Program gift certificate can be returned for store credit or a gift certificate. (Product must be eligible for return.)