Jared Gundry

Ski Repair Manager, Jans Park Ave

Salt Lake City

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 20+
• Biking – 100+

From the formality of the front line at the St. Regis to the attention to detail of wrenching in the bike shop at the our Park Avenue store, Jared has a really wide range of skills and personality. Even though he considers Deer Valley and the St. Regis to be an awesome place to work in the winter, with its killer slope-side location, Jared’s first love is mountain biking. He started riding as a kid and as bikes got better, Jared’s passion for the sport grew as well. Prior to working at Jans he worked for a bike shop in southern Utah where he was the only bike tech, and also the only guide. Whether he’s riding or climbing for hours, Jared says he enjoys the peaceful solitude of mountain biking, “I’m the only one out there and the only thing that matters is my pedal stroke.”


“Jared is a young guy, but he’s earned a lot of responsibility.  The St. Regis store gets very busy with a very particular clientele, and Jared does a great job making sure everyone gets the expert advice they need to have a great day on the mountain.”

Mark K. Fischer
Co-founder & Managing Director,