Julian Gasiewski, Jans Expert

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Julian Gasiewski

Hardgoods Buyer—Bikes, Backcountry Ski Gear
Organizer/Captain of WPT Cycling Team

Philadelphia, PA

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans/WPT since:

Days a year:
• Biking – 100+
• Skiing – 100+

Bragging Rights:
• Started racing mountain bikes in 1996
• Finished the 200+ mile LOTOJA road race
• Finished 2nd in the 2007 24 hours of Moab,Men’s Duo/Pro category
• Finished 2nd in the 2010 Full Throttle Mountain Bike Race, Expert Category
• Finished 2009 BC Bike Race
• 2011 Intermountain Cup Utah State Champ for Expert 30-39

Julian is a humble expert with a vast amount of knowledge in the ski and bike worlds.  He is a top rate backcountry skier and avalanche instructor.  In the summer, when he is not crushing endurance mountain bike races, he is out building trail. Some of the best trails in Park City are thanks to Julian.  He is a first rate bike mechanic and a true outdoor expert.


“Julian is one of the White Pine originals, working here since before the days of machine-cut trails. He's old-school Park City, doing what the season dictates, whether it's skinning laps or riding our endless trail system. While he’s grown up from a dirt bag bike racer and shop wrench to a responsible dad and husband, he's still passionate about Park City's outdoor recreation, and won't hesitate to give you the details on the local trails, as well as his latest toy.”

Evelyn Dong

Evelyn Dong
Content Writer, jans.com