Kasey Coyle

Sales Associate, Jans on Park Avenue

Park City, UT

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 30+
• Biking – 30+

Bragging Rights:
• NILS Ambassador
• Competed in Echo & East Canyon Triathlons, Olympic Distance
• Qualified for National Age Group Triathlon in Milwaukee
• Lead singer of 21 Blue, a local blues band

Kasey Coyle is one of the few Parkites who can actually claim Park City as her hometown. The graduate of Park City High School has been skiing since she was a mere three years old. “I love the challenge of maneuvering around the obstacles of the environment,” says Kasey. “I can ski the same run every day and it’s different every time I ski it, depending on the conditions.” The fact that Kasey is on the mountain so much, combined with her sociability, sense of style and in-depth product knowledge led NILS to name her as one of their Ambassadors. In the summers, Kasey can be found on her road bike or running on Park City’s 400+ miles of trails. With a newfound love of triathlons, Kasey qualified for the national age group event in Milwaukee during her very first season.


“Kasey loves the outdoors and is very passionate about the products we sell. She enjoys talking to people and helping them find what they need so they have the right gear. Kasey is outgoing and approachable and is very calm, cool and collected under pressure.”

Chris Wistner
Store Manager, Jans Park Ave