Kendall Fischer

Nils Athlete

Born in Baltimore, MD; lived in Park City since age 9

Been in industry since:

Been at Jans/WPT since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 50
• Mountain Biking – 20
• Climbing – 40
• Hiking – 15

Bragging Rights:
• 3 national titles in dance (lyrical and hip-hop)
• Professional ski model for the past 10 years
• Co-wrote a wildflower guide book for the Park City area
• Full academic scholarship to University of Utah
• Nils team athlete

Virtually everyone who has met Kendall says “She’s the nicest person I know,” but beneath the calm exterior, she’s also pretty damn fun. She’s traveled around the world; she spent a couple years as a newspaper columnist; she skis like a banshee; she’s the lead singer in a folk-pop band; she got a perfect 36 on her English ACT; she’s a featured dancer in a professional dance company; she guides wildflower hikes for Mountain Trails Foundation; and she bakes the best banana bread in the Intermountain West.


“Kendall is a true renaissance woman. From teaching ballet and guiding rock climbing to cooking and writing, Kendall epitomizes the true mountain girl. She can carve like a ski racer and has an Honors Degree from the University of Utah. Her numerous photo shoots for hotels, products, and shops combined with her love of using, testing, talking, and writing about gear make her an encyclopedia of knowledge on mountain gear and lifestyle.”

Christian Gennerman