Kevin Holliday

Bike Buyer

Park City

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Biking – 100+
• Skiing – 90+

Bragging Rights:
• Park City Freestyle Team Coach, 5 years
• Young Riders (youth mountain bike program) coach, 1 year

Growing up in Park City, Kevin rode BMX bikes as a kid until he bought his first mountain bike because he thought it looked cool. To say that he’s proficient on a bike is the understatement of the year. Kevin is the guy you see who pulls up to a traffic light on his commuter bike and just stands up on the pedals and balances – for two or three minutes – until the traffic clears. And he can ride a wheelie on his mountain bike down single track for a hundred yards or more. Formerly one of the best bike techs at White Pine Touring, Kevin is now the bike buyer for Jans because his knowledge of the product is so impressive. He loves the innovation and technology aspects of his job, but he is most at home on the trail. “I like everything about mountain biking, but most of all I like the peace and quiet of it,” he says.


“Kevin is easy going, but always the voice of reason. He’s a quiet intellectual. Kev pretty much lives and breathes cycling. He is like an encyclopedia of knowledge. If he isn’t on his bike, he is reading some bike blog or checking out what new stuff the pros are riding.”

Carolyn Holliday
Buyer, Jans & White Pine Touring