Mark Khami, Jans Expert
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Jans Expert Mark Khami Mountain Biking in Park City, Utah

Mark Khami

Ski Touring, Climbing and Accessories Buyer

Troy, Michigan

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 60
• Biking – 80

Bragging Rights:
• Completed 14-day solo John Muir Trail hike
• Former National Park Backcountry ranger
• Former YOSAR Yosemite Search & Rescue member
• Climbed/skied on four continents, visited 30 countries
• Filled one passport, about to fill another

Growing up in Michigan, Mark became an avid mountain biker, but it wasn’t until he moved to northern California for college that his passion for climbing and world travel really took flight. It was there that he spent his first summer with the National Park Service, as a backcountry ranger where he came closest to his “dream job;” both protecting the people from the park and the park from the people. While in college, he also travelled with fellow students to Tibet for six weeks and recalls showing villagers the first digital photos they had ever seen of themselves. From there he moved to Bend, Oregon where the ski bug bit and would eventually take him from one ski town to the next, including Mt. Bachelor, Snowbasin, Crested Butte and eventually landing him here. Now the buyer and store manager for the Marmot store on Main Street, Mark loves Park City because it gives him the best of both worlds; it has the amenities of an international airport and major city right down the road, but with the security and access of living in a mountain town. “I have a very small carbon footprint since I utilize public transportation and the bike lanes whenever possible,” he says. “Here I can live close to both my conservation and recreational values.”


“Mark is intelligent, thorough, and he really thinks things through. He is very well-informed about all the products we carry. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast which translates into practical experience that benefits the customer wholeheartedly. His attention to detail sets him apart. Mark gets things done when working at our Marmot location or out in the mountains, where it really counts!”

Jans Expert Jack Walzer

Jack Walzer
General Manager, Jans & White Pine Touring