Mike Caldwell

Programs Director, White Pine Touring

Chittenden, VT

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 70
• Biking – 150

Bragging Rights:
• Managed specialty outdoor retail store and Nordic center (30K+ of track) in VT, 2005 – 2011
• Helped create Basecamp Outfitters Disc Golf Course (BCODG) – 3rd highest rated course in VT
• Won Käre Andersen Telemark Race, 2010

An avid Telemark skier, Mike first experienced the sport when he was living in Vermont and worked at a Nordic retail shop that sold the equipment. Deciding that he couldn’t sell the product without actually using it, Mike taught himself the art of tele turns by falling a lot and figuring out what worked and what didn’t. He moved up in the company from parking cars to working in the rental shop, the retail floor and grooming and snowmaking operations before becoming the manager of Base Camp Outfitters, a post that he held for six years.

Lucky for us, when Mike moved out West he joined our team at White Pine Touring. He considers his co-workers to be experts in their own fields, and boasts that at least two experts have used every product sold in the store. When he isn’t in the shop, Mike can be found on the slopes, enjoying the freedom that Telemark skiing allows. “When you’re making a tele turn it can be an aggressive, powerful move or a nuanced, finesse move,” he says. “Being at that place, at that time and having the freedom to do whatever feels best is what Telemark skiing is all about.”


“Mike has been a telemark skier long enough that he’s seen the change in equipment, has skied it and understands the differences and benefits of the various equipment that White Pine Touring offers. He’s super friendly and engaging, and is very patient when explaining what the customer really needs to know about a product.”

Hank Keil
Sales Associate, White Pine Touring