Flying Dog Loop

This trail is one of many possible trails available with the Epic Tour reservation. Visit the Epic Tour page to reserve your tour today!

what to bring
  • Sunscreen – UV rays are stronger at Park City’s higher elevation
  • Light wind/rain protection - mountain weather can be unpredictable
  • Sunglasses -ditto the sunscreen comment
  • Keep your body fueled with nuts, dried fruit, energy bars and plenty of water
  • Sneakers or bike shoes and of course socks - flip flops and bikes don’t mix
  • Personal bike pedals/shoes and biking gloves (optional)
  • Biking shorts if you have them; if not regular shorts are fine
  • Want to be extra prepared? Bring a hydration backpack filled with lots of water and bug spray, just in case
  • MILEAGE 16.4 miles
  • TECHNICAL RATING Blue Squares Blue Square
  • GROUPS of 10+: Please call for group rates
  • DATES May – October (Weather Dependent)
  • TIME Per your reservation.
A long, steady, not-too-steep climb on the way out, and ripping fast downhill with switchbacks that come up as fast as you want on the way back. In between, there’s nice, shady cross-mountain riding. The sounds of I-80 are left behind soon enough on the climb out, and the views from the backside of the ride are of deep wilderness.

There’s a nice, modest climb out from the trailhead of 1,355 feet which peaks at 8 miles followed by 5 miles of downhill. The downhill will be entertaining at whatever speed you can handle it, but be aware that at certain speeds the switchbacks come up very fast, and blowing past them into the brush is not unheard of. The ride finishes with a three mile up-and-down to get back to the starting point.