Signature Nordic Ski Grinds and Waxing

For racers and recreational skiers alike, the White Pine Nordic Center offers four signature grinds based on snow conditions and outside temperature. Each of the grinds has been blind-tested by current and former racers including members of the U.S. Nordic Team and TOKO Tech Team.

Available Grinds

Extreme Cold Grind (CW1)

Our Extreme Cold Grind (CW1) is designed for exceptionally cold, dry snow when the temperature is a frigid 12 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

Universal Grind (CW2)

For days when the mercury is in that perfect 10-20 degree Fahrenheit range, our Universal Grind (CW2) is just the ticket. This grind is ideal for a broad range of conditions since it moves moisture really well. It also works to circumvent glazing, when the ski melts the top layer of the snow.

Moderate Weather Grind (MW1)

Designed for higher humidity snow, and temperatures of 18-28 degrees Fahrenheit, our Moderate Weather Grind (MW1) works extremely well for mid-day or early-afternoon races. This grind sheds enough moisture just before the snow turns to slush. So you’ll still be gliding when the snow begins to feel sticky.

Warm Weather Grind (WW1)

The Warm Weather Grind (WW1) is our warmest structure for temperatures above 28 degrees Fahrenheit. Modeled after Oregon or Pacific Northwest grinds, the WW1 moves water while providing minimal suction. It’s great for those times when you don’t really know if you should be skiing.

Cross Country Ski Waxing

Selecting the right ski wax for any given Nordic race can be tricky. With variables such as outside temperature, snow temperature, humidity and snow crystal shape all playing a part, it helps to have a little guidance. That’s why the staff at the White Pine Nordic Center has created a number of wax options to help you achieve the best finish possible.

Pro Wax package

Our Pro Wax package includes a non-fluorocarbon (NF) wax applied to the ski prior to putting it into a Thermo Bag. In the morning, our ski techs add a low fluoro (LF) hard wax as an intermediate layer followed by a high fluoro (HF) wax. The final step in our Pro Wax package involves adding TOKO JetStream, a 100% pure fluorocarbon wax, which acts as an optimizer or speed layer.

Master Wax package

White Pine’s Master Wax package starts with an iron-on wax, which is TOKO’s NF wax with Diamond Light Carbon (DLC) additive. This base layer is followed by an HF wax and then topped off with TOKO Jetstream for optimal water repellency and superior durability. In the right conditions, the Master Wax package can be extremely dirt- and water-repellent.

Junior Wax package

Sometimes the simplest wax job is the fastest. This is the case with our Junior Wax package. Essentially the same as the Master Wax, this package includes an HF hot wax and TOKO JetStream wax, making it ideal for not just junior racers, but anyone looking for a fast, efficient wax.