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  • Rio Toothy Critter Leader - 7.5ft

Rio Toothy Critter Leader - 7.5ft

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  • Length7.5 ft
  • MaterialNylon/Coated Wire
  • Primary UseSaltwater/Freshwater
Chasing Pike, Bluefish, and Barracuda demands a special leader.  The Rio Toothy Critter Leader is 7.5 ft in total length, with a nylon coated wire section and a micro stainless steel snap to easily attach or swap out flies.  You also can tie a variety of knots with the Vectran wire used in the tippet section.  A perfection loop is tied into the ultra stiff butt for easy on and off.  Anyone fly-fishing for toothy ocean critters should have a Rio Toothy Critter Leader - 7.5 ft in their boat bag.

  • Perfection loop
  • Vectran wire for the tippet section
  • Ultra stiff butt for casting big flies
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  • Expert Review"When the fishing is slow for your target species, being prepared for whatever shows up is a great way to approach any fishing situation.  Many times the more aggressive fish have teeth so you need something stronger to prevent their teeth from cutting through the tippet material.  Flexible nylon coated wire can be tied into knots and works perfectly for that application."
    John Cochran,
    Jans Gear Analyst

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Details "Has it's uses"

This is a limited use leader and got the 15#/30# for messing around with for barricudas when I was near my bungalow we rented in the Bahamas. Can't say I got any big ones, but got a few smaller and medium ones and this leader held up well. I got the clear w/ snap link to easily attach flies and it turned over "good enough" for the long needle fish type flies I was using. Still have my original le... Read Entire Review
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