Nordic Skiing with

Betsy Bothe | White Pine Nordic Center

Jans Expert Betsy Bothe Instructing Skate Nordic Skiing Group Lessons in Park City, Utah

Ladies Beginner Skate Technique

$125 (w/ rental & pass)


Lesson Details

$100 (Clinic only)
$125 (Rental and track pass included)
Dates / Times
1st Session
9:30am Jan 2,9,23
Due to Martin Luther King Jr. day we will hold the third week of class on a Thursday Jan 19th

2nd Session
Mondays at 9:30
Jan 30, Feb 6,13,27

Lesson Summary

Aimed at beginner skate skiers, this four week course will concentrate on the basics of skate technique, hill climbing, navigating corners and downhills. This is an excellent introduction to skate skiing in a friendly environment where the focus is on having fun, while you progress from tentative to fully confident.

* Participants are required to have had previous experience with cross country skiing, and/or strong alpine ski skills. Students with no experience on skis must take a group or private lesson before signing up for this clinic.

For more information call the Experts at the White Pine Nordic Center at 436-649-6249 (Nov. 20th thru April 1st) or email us at