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Sean Ward | Jans Park Avenue Bike Shop

Jans Expert Bike Shop in Park City, Utah

Bike Tunes in Park City

Park City is well known for the 450+ miles of singletrack right outside our front door, but without a properly tuned bike, you can’t really make the most of the trails which earned us a Gold Level Ride Center designation by the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA.)

And, even though it may not be as obvious, Park City also boasts premier road biking routes utilized by pro riders as their training ground. To tackle the same ascents and descents ridden in the Tour of Utah, you need your bike to be in prime working order.

Both the Jans Park Avenue and White Pine Touring locations have award-winning full-service bike shops that are open year-round. Our Expert mechanics can fix anything from a blown suspension to ghost shifting and everything in between. Our shops have an extensive stock of over 10,000 parts with access to thousands more from our distributors which means there’s almost no repair we can’t make within a few days. We even stock custom parts for Specialized, Trek, Scott and Santa Cruz bikes because we know you would rather be on the trails than waiting around for your bike to get fixed. All of our technicians are locals who are Expert road and mountain bikers themselves, and they can be found almost every day ripping the same singletrack or asphalt as you. They know that’s just where you want to be, and they’re committed to making sure you get there fast.

Mountain Biking with

Tanner Keim | Jans Park Avenue, Park City, UT

Jans Expert Bike Tuning in Park City, UT

Park City’s Best Bike Mechanics

Both of our bike shops employ mechanics with the highest level of training. Many have attended Sram Technical University, Bill Woodul Race Mechanics Clinic, Specialized Bicycle Components University, and Shimano T.E.C. – just to name a few. The Jans Bike Shop has been winning awards for 20 years, and White Pine Touring has recently been named the best bike shop in Northern Utah. Local and visiting riders alike frequent the shop looking for advice and repairs, so much so that The Active Times calls White Pine, “not just a stellar bike shop, but a full service outfitter – and more.”

Why do we get such high accolades? Because our Expert technicians go beyond just a basic bike tune. All of the work is double-checked by second mechanic for quality to make sure we’ve covered everything. Sometimes a bike may feel like it works well enough, but a trained eye will be able to diagnose worn cassettes that will cause irregular shifting, suspension issues, torn tires, stress cracks in frames, and other things that can be hard to catch. Our Experts have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and fix almost any issue in due time, a big plus for competitive cyclists and enthusiasts alike.

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