Nordic Skiing with

Andrea Putt | White Pine Nordic Center

Jans Expert Andrea Putt conducting a Classic Nordic Skiing Group Lessons in Park City, Utah

Nordic Classic Private Lessons

$80.00 for first person/hour (w/ rental & pass)

$60.00 for additional person/hour (w/ rental & pass)


Lesson Details

$80 for the first person per hour (Rental and track pass included.)
$60 for each additional person (Rental and track pass included.)
$60 for the first person per hour and $40 for each additional person*
*Rental and track pass not included
Dates / Times
One hour lesson per your reservation

Lesson Summary

Classic skiing is easy to learn, but hard to master. Our private classic ski lessons will help you hone your technique and skill with personal tips and feedback tailored to your ability level. During your one hour lesson, an Expert instructor will analyze your body position, stride length, and kicking mechanics to help you achieve a new level of proficiency. Conquer it with one-on-one attention to detail, and leave your lesson ready to take on the trails like never before.

Prepaying for your lesson is required. If you are renting equipment, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your lesson to be properly fitted for classic boots, skis and poles.

For more information call the Experts at the White Pine Nordic Center at 435-649-6249 (Nov. 20th thru April 1st) or email us at