Patrick Coffey

Sales Associate, White Pine Touring

Essex, VT

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Skiing –60+
• Biking – 30
• Trail Running – 30+

Bragging Rights:
• U.S. Biathlon National Team coach (2008-2012)
• Coached Jeremy Teela, Tim Burke, Lowell Bailey, Susan Dunklee & Sara Studebaker
• Competed in Jupiter Steeplechase (2013) & Park City Marathon (2013)
• Roller skied the Alaskan Highway as part of relay in under 8 days (2001)

Patrick Coffey started Nordic skiing in high school because he was too small to play hockey or basketball. The high school athlete trained with the Ethan Allen Biathlon Club (EABC) in Vermont and in 2001 was part of a group of eight biathletes who roller skied the Alaska Highway in a relay fashion. It took them just eight days to cover all 1,528 miles. After Patrick had open heart surgery for a defective heart valve at age 21, he turned his focus to coaching instead of competing with the EABC. His goal was to revitalize the club and in so doing, Patrick caught the attention of the U.S. Biathlon organization. He was invited to coach at a training camp in Sweden and the following spring Patrick was hired on as one of the national team coaches.


“Patrick is tenacious and has a commitment to the sport of Nordic skiing. While he’s super pumped on high end athletes, he also has a drive to get more people exposed to cross country skiing. And Patrick is incredibly personable. Coaching all around the world gave him a perspective that allows him to connect with everybody.”

Mike Caldwell
Programs Director, White Pine Touring