Paul Archer

Premier Boot Fitter, Jans Deer Valley at Snowpark

Plymouth, MN

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans/WPT since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – 35+
• Biking – 50+
• Golfing – 20+

Bragging Rights:
• Member of the Jans Alpine Ski Testing Team
• Managed Jans rental and repair shops
• Former PSIA Full Certified Ski Instructor
• Former Mistral certified windsurfing instructor
• Golf instructor

Local Secret:
• Take the bus, if possible, during the Sundance Film Festival. You won't have to deal with parking or the traffic.

Paul's mantra: If you are not reaching your skiing performance goals, look first at your equipment; specifically your Stance Geometry. The solution is most likely hiding there. He believes everyone has the potential to improve in their chosen sport. To succeed, you have to seek out "correct information". The "quick fix" or "short cut" is usually the longest route.

Paul also knows how to have fun: While in college in the 70's, he and his friends all had Snowbird season passes. On a warm spring day, they'd stash a backpack with wine and cheese in the snow somewhere above Dalton's Draw.  After catching the last tram, they would meet there to enjoy the warm sun, wine and friendship, and then they’d have a blast skiing down while the runs were virtually empty. 



“Paul is the king of the difficult boot fit. To him, the expression 'Don't sweat the small stuff' doesn't apply. A 4 mm shell punch, straightening the upper cuff by 3 mm, or lowering a boot board by 2 mm seem small but it can make a significant improvement in both comfort and performance. He's also Jans' resident expert on boot sole planing for those skiers that have legs which deviate too much inward or outward (commonly referred to as "knock-kneed and bow-legged). If your feet or legs require even more boot modification than a Jans’ custom boot fit, Paul is the guy you want to see. He’s an unbelievable resource and a god-send for people who want their boots to be a non-issue so they can ski to their maximum ability. ”

Mark K. Fischer
Co-founder & Managing Director,