Scott Cote

Store Manager, Jans Deer Valley at Snow Park

Manchester, NH

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Skiing – about 60

Bragging Rights:
• Professional cocktail judge
• Helps more celebrities with their ski equipment than probably anybody in America, but he’ll never talk about it
• A famous actor said on the “Tonight Show” one evening, “I ski with Scott Cote and some of the guys at Jans when I’m in Deer Valley, and they ski like they’ve got rockets up their backsides.”

Community Involvement:
• Past Board Member of Park City Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau
• Past President of Park City Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau

Scott drove a van out to Utah from Manchester, New Hampshire over 34 years ago, and quickly adopted Park City as his new hometown. Scott’s favorite places in the world are his porch in Park City’s old town and his summer cottage in the Uintas. His favorite part of skiing is the many, many face shots of deep powder he’s experienced in the over three decades that he’s spent skiing in Utah.