Sean Ward

Bicycle Service Manager, Jans on Park Avenue

Batavia, IL

Been in Industry since:

Been at Jans since:

Days a year:
• Skiing/Snowboarding – 80
• Mountain Biking – 100+
• Road Biking – 10

Bragging Rights:
• Sean is more into having a good time than competing. He says, ‘enjoying life to the fullest is my main thing, if that’s something to brag about.’

Sean loves the freedom and fun of being able to get around the mountains on a bike in the summer, and on a snowboard or skis in the winter. He worked as a bike tech for years even before moving to Park City. When he got here, he saw White Pine Touring as the coolest shop in town, and so he started working there and stuck around. Now he’s the Bicycle Service Manager at our flagship location, Jans on Park Avenue, where he enjoys helping people out with their gear problems so they can get back out there.


“Sean is a hard worker and brings a lot of knowledge about bikes and skis to the table. I haven’t seen much that he can’t fix or tune. He also happens to be pretty rowdy on skis and a snowboard. Be sure to thank him with a PBR.”

Paul Boyle Data and Production Manager