Swix CH5X Wax - 180g

Item: SWX00234: Turq/ 180 g


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At the colder end of the spectrum, ski waxes can be brittle and hard to apply, which is why Swix made a brand new, user-friendly formula for for the -8°C to -14°C temperature range. CH5X Turquoise wax not only provides excellent glide in colder, abrasive snow, but it also melts into the ski's base more easily than comparable cold-snow waxes. This hydrocarbon ski wax can be used as a race wax as well as on its own, but for maximum speed, it is most commonly covered with LF5X, HF5X, or FC05X. Keep your skis gliding fast in cold temps with the economical and user-friendly Swix CH5X Turquoise.

  • Hydrocarbon wax for cold snow conditions
  • Can be used as a standalone training wax or base for LF5X, HF5X, or FC05X
  • Easier to apply than comparable cold waxes