Mountain Biking with

Blake Summers | Uinta Mountains, UT

Jans Expert Blake Summers Instructing White Pine Climbing School in the Uinta's in Utah.

White Pine Rock Climbing School

$175 per person


What to Bring

  • Energy food and plenty of water (Days 1-3)
  • Comfortable clothing that stretches (Days 1-3)
  • Hat, sunscreen and sunglasses (Day 3)
  • An extra layer and pants for cool morning temps (Day 3)
  • Light wind/rain protection (Day 3)
  • Sneakers or hiking shoes for approach hike (Day 3)
  • Money for lunch (Day 3)
  • Backpack to hold all of the above (Day 3)

What We Provide:

  • All equipment (climbing shoes, helmet, harness and ropes)
  • Fees at The Mine Bouldering Gym and South Summit Aquatic and Fitness Center (SSAFC)
  • Transportation to and from SSAFC (Day 2) and the Uinta Mountains (Day 3)

Lesson Details

$175 per person
Limited to 12 persons per course
June 22nd (6pm - 7:30pm), June 23rd (5:30 - 7:30pm), June 24th (8:30am – 1pm)

July 27th (6pm - 7:30pm), July 28th (5:30 - 7:30pm), July 29th (8:30am – 1pm)

August 25th (6pm - 7:30pm), August 26th (5:30 - 7:30pm), August 27th (8:30am – 1pm)

Sept. 22nd (6pm - 7:30pm), Sept. 23rd (5:30 - 7:30pm), Sept. 24th (8:30am – 1pm)

All dates are subject to weather and rate of student sign up.

Day 1: Meet at The Mine Bouldering Gym

Day 2: Meet at White Pine Touring; transported to South Summit Aquatic & Fitness Center (SSAFC) about 20 minutes from Park City

Day 3: Meet at White Pine Touring; transported to Uinta Mountains, about 35 minutes from Park City


The White Pine Rock Climbing School is a three-part series that teaches the basics of rock climbing. This course is ideal for those who have never climbed or aspiring climbers looking for in-depth instruction taught by rock climbing Experts.

Too often, a newcomer’s introduction to rock climbing is overshadowed by fear and a lack of understanding of the mechanics, gear, and techniques required to climb safely. Over three sessions, the Experts from White Pine Touring will help students master climbing holds, body movement techniques and the basics of top-rope climbing.

The course culminates with a morning of on-rock climbing in the Uinta Mountains, just east of Park City. Students will leave the course with a greater knowledge of the sport, as well as increased confidence in their own climbing abilities.

This eight-hour introductory class is broken up into three days:

Day 1: 1 ½ hour session

A variety of climbing holds such as crimps, jugs, and underclings are taught by our Expert instructors at a local bouldering gym. Students will learn how to use these holds efficiently by incorporating body movements such as stemming, back-stepping, and lie-backing.

Day 2: 2 hour session

The basics of top-rope climbing, including gear, knots and belay techniques, will be taught by our Expert instructors on an indoor climbing tower at the South Summit Aquatic & Fitness Center (SSAFC.)

Day 3: 4 ½ hour session

Students apply newly acquired skills, with Expert guidance and instruction, while rock climbing in the wilderness of the Uinta Mountains. Includes an introduction to the ethics of climbing and Leave No Trace principles.

For more information call our White Pine Touring Experts at 435-649-8710 or email