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Custom Nordic Boot Fits

Who doesn’t want the best Nordic ski experience possible? At the White Pine Nordic Center we know that it all begins with boots tailored to your specific feet. When Nordic boots fit properly, balance improves. This gives you better ski control and performance. But ski control is only half of the equation.

Hanz Johansson | Park City, UT

The other half is the increased comfort because your feet are supported in all the right places. The experts at White Pine are committed to custom fitting you in the right Nordic ski boots. So your feet will say “ah” instead of “ouch.”

The newest Nordic ski boot technology has given boot fitters the ability to customize boots to individual skiers.

Personalized features include heat moldable foam in the ankle of the boot, adjustable heel widths and specialized lace systems. The experts at White Pine Touring have the skills and tools to properly fit Nordic boots. They start the process by asking a series of questions that allow them to determine exactly what you need to be the best skier you can be.

The Right Boot for Your Feet

Our experts realize that not all feet are the same. Add the fact that each ski boot brand has a different fit, and you can understand why the boot fitting process takes several steps. We start by determining what category of Nordic skiing you are interested in: classic, skate, backcountry or cross-country touring. We also consider your budget, past experience with boot brands and how often you plan to ski. Next, we get up close and personal with your feet to determine the volume and width that will work best for you.

Thankfully, Nordic ski boots have recently been adapted to fit different width and shaped feet. Many brands now use different lasts, or widths in the forefoot of the boot. This gives you more room (so your toes don’t get pinched) or less room (so your foot doesn’t flop around) resulting in better performance on the track. Adjustable heel widths protect the back of your foot from blistering, bruising or even painful bone spurs. The current generation of Nordic ski boots also differentiates based on volume, or the amount of room the boot has to offer. This ensures the best mix of comfort and stability for you.

Do you have a wide foot with a narrow heel? We’ve got a boot for that. High instep giving you circulation problems? We’ve got a boot for that too. Our experts determine all of the idiosyncrasies of your feet (don’t worry, we all have them.) Once our Nordic boot fitters have a good handle on your needs, we compile a list of features that help with the fitting process. For example, speed lace systems are ideal for recreational skiers, offering quick entry and exit from the boot. Performance skiers can benefit from traditional lace systems that offer flexibility to tie the laces in a variety of ways to alleviate hot spots.

The Custom Boot Fitting Process

To begin the fitting process, our experts bring out their recommendations for the best boots for you. Then you try, try, and try again until you find the perfect fit for your one-of-a-kind feet.

Once the best fitting boot has been selected, the experts at White Pine recommend custom insoles. When insoles are placed in your boots, they complement the personalized boot fit by offering your feet support from beneath. In many cases, the arch falls slightly when weight is applied to the foot, something that is unavoidable in Nordic skiing. When the arch falls, movement in the boot can follow, reducing performance and increasing the chance of injury. Custom insoles support your arch, reducing movement inside the boot and improving performance by increasing stability. The White Pine Nordic Center offers Superfeet, and DFP custom foot beds are also available.

With insoles in place, the final phase of the fitting process begins by heating up the moldable foam located in the ankle area of the boot. The Nordic Center is equipped with special boot ovens that heat the foam in a mere three to five minutes. When the liners of the boots have been warmed to the manufacturers’ specified temperature, the boots are placed on your feet and snugly fastened so the foam can form to your foot as it cools. The result is a boot that fits like a glove. Pun intended.