Expert Custom Nordic Boot Fitting

Who doesn’t want the best Nordic ski experience possible? At the White Pine Nordic Center we know that it all begins with boots tailored to your specific feet. When Nordic boots fit properly, balance improves. This gives you better ski control and performance. But ski control is only half of the equation. The other half is the increased comfort because your feet are supported in all the right places. The experts at White Pine are committed to custom fitting you in the right Nordic ski boots. So your feet will say “ah” instead of “ouch.”

The newest Nordic ski boot technology has given boot fitters the ability to customize boots to individual skiers... learn more

For more information call 435-649-6249.

Time Well Spent

The entire custom boot fitting process can last anywhere from half an hour to an hour and a half. But we’re in no hurry. And you shouldn’t be either. Because we know that getting the fit dialed in can eliminate a headache, or foot ache, for years to come.

Guaranteed for Life

As your boots break-in chances are you might find a hot spot. No worries. We’re here for you. With specialized Nordic boot fitting tools, we can punch out the specific area in the boot giving you trouble and mold it to your foot onsite. In real time. As you wait. No charge. For the life of the boot.