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Ski, Snowboard and Bike Tuning

If you own your own outdoor toys, you know the importance of regular maintenance. Whether you’re talking about alpine skis, snowboards, Nordic skis, or bikes, regular use results in expected wear-and-tear. It’s when, and how, you address the wear-and-tear that makes all the difference in prolonging the lifespan of your equipment. Through years of training and experience, our technicians have mastered the craft of advanced repairs.

But it’s our ability to enhance the performance of your equipment that distinguishes our shops as true Tune Centers. We pride ourselves on being able to take skis, snowboards, or bikes and make them perform better than they did brand new. From custom base grinds on race skis, to complete drivetrain overhauls on mountain bikes, our professional technicians know how to get the maximum potential out of your equipment.

Learn more about our renowned Tune Centers below. You’ll find tune menus and pricing, tuning blogs and videos, and information on the technicians that make it all possible.