Fly Fishing Clothing And Accessories Tips

Polarized sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun’s glare that’s reflected on the water. George “Squid” Sideris, retired fly-fishing buyer and Jans Expert for over 30 years explains, “The horizontal filter in polarized sunglasses removes that glare so we can see better and keep our vision sharp, which will help in hooking fish. Plus, we all need eye protection when the fly is whizzing by our eyes at 70 miles an hour.” Polarized sunglasses also allow you to peer below the river’s surface into the fish’s world and see where they hide from predators and wait for food. Quality polarized sunglasses help you find a target so you know where to cast your line.

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Goretex Waders

Jans Mountain Recreation Expert, Chris “Wis” Wistner says, “I honestly wouldn’t consider using anything else when I fish. When I think of Gortex I think of tough, dependable, extremely breathable, water proof, wind proof - protection no matter what the elements are. If you’re... learn more

Wading Soles

To find the best wading soles for you, consider what type of fishing will you be doing and where you like to fish. Do you fish mostly spring creeks that have sandy ... learn more