Alpine Ski Test Program

The Jans Alpine Ski Test Program is designed to take the guess work out of buying skis. Through a series of questions that address your strengths, terrain preferences, turning style, and skier level, our Experts recommend a personalized selection of skis for you to test.

We don’t just order skis off the trade show floor or from a manufacturer’s product catalog; if a ski is on our wall, it has gone through our extensive on-snow testing process, and it’s been debated, analyzed, and compared. We’ve discussed the nuances of the ski, and identified its targeted skier profile.

All of our test skis are carefully tuned and waxed for optimum performance, so you’ll get to ski them at their best.

Jans Test Program customers are provided with unlimited ski exchanges throughout the day, dependent upon the availability of specific Test Ski sizes and models. Should you decide to buy, we will credit up to three paid Test Program days toward the purchase price of a pair of new, full priced skis (receipts required). If you aren't ready to purchase skis of your own, our Ski Rental Service in Park City offers a variety rental packages that cater to advanced, intermediate, and beginner skiers.


Carving skis are traditionally what most people ski, especially on the East Coast and in the Midwest. They are narrow underfoot, from 64 mm to 80 mm, so they transition from edge to edge quickly. And they are torsionally stiff, so they hold an edge even on firm snow. The narrow waist is an asset on the groomed runs, but becomes a liability in deep snow. With a turning radius of generally less than 17 meters, carving skis will rail turn after turn.

Carving Demo Skis

Atomic Cloud Q11/ M 10 GW System - Women's125-79-110.513.9 (164)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

The versatile All-Condition Piste Shape with Multi Radius Sidecut lets you easily adapt to different conditions and terrain. The camber profile and sidecut give you excellent edge hold, and a tight turn radius makes a slalom-style turn pattern. A women's-specific construction utilizes Flite Woodcore to reduce weight and produce a more agile and effortless feeling ski.

Fischer The Curv GT/ RX 13 GW System125-76-11017 (182)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

The Curve GT with RX 13 system bindings offers race-level performance in a unique package that's focused on carving. The Air Carbon Ti 0.5 construction features a full sheet of titanal and a shaped layer that runs the full width in the tip and tail, then tapers inward through the midbody, and back to full width underfoot. Cross-hatched Diagocarbon weave adds torsional stiffness, and Carbon Bridge technology features an additional carbon layer for increased stiffness underfoot.

Head Supershape e-Speed/ SW SF-PR/PRD 12 System122-68-10415 (177)Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

The Supershape e-Speed is a very strong, fast carving ski with a racing pedigree. EMC technology absorbs energy in the turn and doesn't allow it to be released back in the form of vibrations, so you have a smoother, more stable ride. Other race-inspired features include its dense wood core, layers of titanal and graphene, and World Cup machining and material on the bases. With the PRD 12 system bindings, this is one fast and capable package.

Stockli Laser SC SRT Speed D20/ SRT 12 System123-72-10416.2 (177)Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

Designed for hardpack heroics, the Laser SC is a short-to-medium radius specialist loaded with rec-racing capability. Tenacious edge grip, a fluid flex pattern, and just the right balance between damp and responsive–this ski is ready to run gates all morning and trench groomers all afternoon.

Atomic Cloud C9 Revoshock Light/ M 10 GW - Women's118-72-10313.9 (164)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

The Cloud C9 was designed for ladies who want a sleek, graceful, and stable frontside ski. A poplar wood and densolite core with Servotec Light construction reduces weight for easy handling while maintaining stability for high-speed carving. This ski has a versatile shape and race-inspired construction that delivers top-level performance in a package that's approachable for intermediate and advanced skiers.

Head Super Joy/ SW SLR Joy Pro/ Protector SLR 11 System - Women's 120-75-10614 (163)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

The sporty design of the Super Joy creates a responsive ski that's equally at home carving groomers, cutting through crud, or making tight turns in moguls. A light and stiff construction with a karuba-ash wood core and graphene layer gives race-like performance without the weight of metal layers.



All-mountain skis range from 80 mm to 90 mm underfoot, and they are designed to go happily anywhere on the mountain. They’re narrow enough to carve and behave beautifully on the groomed runs, but wide enough in the waist to provide some floatation for those stashes of powder you find a day or two after a storm. For most people who only want one ski in their quiver, it should probably come from the all-mountain category.

All Mountain Demo Skis

Atomic Redster Q7.8 Revoshock C/ M12 GW System136-85-120.515.2 (181)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

A lightweight ski with advanced technology and a racing pedigree, the Redster Q7.8 has serious high-performance features packed into an approachable, user-friendly package. Revoshock C is the lighter version of Atomic's damping technology used on the Redster racing models. When combined with titanal layers, the result is a damp and stable ride with responsive power transfer.

Fischer RC One 82 GT/ Protector 11 System127-82-11217 (180)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

The Fischer RC One 82 GT with system bindings is a frontside carver with versatility to handle any terrain. The race-inspired Air Carbon Ti 0.5 construction features a beech and poplar woodcore with shaped titanal and air carbon layers for a smoother, more agile ski that's accessible to a wide range of skiers without losing peak expert performance.

Head Kore 87130-87-11016 (177)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

Built with Multilayer Carbon Sandwich Cap Construction, the Kore 87 is one of the lightest all-mountain skis available, and Head achieved this without compromising performance. A carbon topsheet curves over the sidewalls to create a three-dimensional aspect that reduces chatter while adding more snap and pop.

K2 Disruption 82 TI/ Quickclip HP System125-82-111 18.4 (177)/td>Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

The K2 Disruption 82 TI features a very strong and damp ride with two metal layers—one being K2's Titanal I-Beam, which runs full-width underfoot and tapers in from the edge extending to tip and tail. Dark Matter damping polymer surrounds the I-Beam to help absorb shock and ease edge transition. At 82 mm underfoot, this is a wide carving ski with a long radius that loves arcing high-speed, sweeping turns.

K2 Mindbender 89 TI134-99-12019.6 (184)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

A ski that can carve piste and rip freeride lines without skipping a beat, the K2 Mindbender 89 Ti has serious stability at high speed and precise power transfer thanks to the Titanal Y-Beam. The playful shape paired with a powerful construction makes this an excellent choice for intermediate to expert all-mountain skiers.

Kastle FX86 Ti123-86-11415.7 (177)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

A robust construction makes the Kastle FX86 TI capable of powerful carving. Thanks to the Dual Rise tip and tail, the FX86 also enjoys extra floatation in soft snow and easier turn initiation.

Kastle Legend 1956130-83-11218.3 (181)Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

A blend between sport and comfort, piste and all-mountain, the Kastle Legend 1956 conjures nostalgia for a golden age while delivering top-level performance from modern ski technology. The karuba wood core lends lightweight properties to the construction, which is layered with titanal and carbon to produce an all mountain carving ski that's both playful and technical.

Kastle MX83126-83-11217.8 (182)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

A classic race-inspired construction with a poplar and beech wood core sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass and two layers of titanal produces a balanced all-mountain ski with a responsive flex and precise energy transfer. The MX83 is a powerful carving ski for those who like to ski the whole mountain but spend most of their time on the frontside.

Kastle PX81/ K11 PRD GW System132-81-107 16.7 (179)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

With a more accessible construction than heavier and stiffer Kastle models, the Kastle PX81 is a carving-focused all-mountain ski designed to elevate intermediate and aspiring expert skiers.

Stockli Montero AR/ Strive 13 System128-84-11418.4 (185)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

With chatter-free smoothness, power, edge grip, and responsiveness, the Montero AR is a very capable all-mountain carving ski. The versatile shape and profile, with an 84 mm waist, and slight rocker bring you a ski that performs great in any conditions—from soft winter powder to spring slush.

Stockli Montero AX/ Strive 13 System124-80-112 17.5 (183)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

Stockli's Montero AX is powerful, precise, and flows through transitions with a relaxed demeanor. A wider 80mm waist and a small length of rocker added in the tail boost the Montero's soft snow performance—making it a capable all-mountain carving ski.

Stockli Stormrider 88128-88-11420.6 (184)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

Truly multitalented, the Stormrider 88 skis can handle any terrain you point them down. With Stockli quality construction and freeride specs, this versatile all-mountain ski is a precision instrument—equally capable of carving piste or lapping glades and mogul runs.

Volkl Kendo 88129-88-11317 (184)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

A wide, versatile carving ski, the Kendo 88 delivers precise handling and stability with the capability to venture off piste for exploration. Tailored Carbon Tips sit within the titanal frame and provide stiffness without the added weight of a second full sheet of metal.

Atomic Maven 86 C121.5-87-10515.5 (161)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

This incredibly versatile ski has a lightweight construction with carbon inserts, poplar wood, and fiberglass, which together produce a snappy and responsive feel. Shovel taper and rocker work with Atomic's HRZN Tech Tip to float in powder, and the Directional Shape has less rocker in the tail for more stability and edge hold at high speeds.

Head Kore 85 - Women's124-83-105 13 (163)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

The Kore 85 is the perfect ski to be prepared for any conditions and any terrain. It will help you ski your best no matter what kind of day you're facing. The poplar and karuba wood core has a great strength to weight ratio; and it's sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass and two layers of carbon for an ultralight construction with top-level all-mountain performance.

K2 Mindbender 89TI - Women's130-89-11413.1 (164)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

This is a women's all-mountain ski for aggressive skiers. While other women's skis are made lighter and softer, the Mindbender 89 TI-W features the same powerful shape and robust construction as the men's skis. They're very capable off piste and have great high-speed edge hold when you want to cut turns on the frontside.

Atomic Maverick 88 TI126-88.5-109.519.5 (184)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

Intermediate and advanced skiers who prefer spending most of their time on-piste, but want the ability to venture into uncharted territory, will love the versatility of the Maverick 88 TI. The OMatic construction with a light poplar wood core and titanium layers has a damp and stable ride going through hard, choppy snow. And, the Flow Profile features rocker in the tip and tail to boost agility on mogul and glade runs.

Kastle Marble 84/ K10 SLR GW System - Women's128-84-11213.8 (160)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

You don't need to be a racer to enjoy premier craftsmanship and ski technology from Kastle. The Marble 84 is more approachable than the FX and MX models that feature stiffer, heavier builds with more metal.

Stockli Montero AW/ Strive 11D - Women's122-80-10616 (166)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

An all-mountain women's ski that takes a serious approach to relaxed skiing, the Stockli Montero AW is made for women who prefer more frontside terrain while still enjoying glades and moguls.

Stockli Nela 88 - Women's127-88-11316.9 (168)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

With its versatile width, the Nela 88 is the definition of a women's all mountain freeride ski. Stockli's Softflex construction and a Superlight Core keep the Nela nimble and light while still being robust enough to cut through crud days after a storm and carve beautiful turns on firm snow.

Volkl Kenja 88129-88-11313 (163)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

The Volkl Kenja 88 features a Tailored Titanal Frame that's different for each length option to remain proportional to skier size. Tailored Carbon Tips in the shovels sit within the titanal frame and provide stiffness without the added weight of a second full sheet of metal.

Volkl Yumi 84 - Women's125-84-10714 (161)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

Well balanced between performance and a smooth ride, the Volkl Yumi 84 is a versatile option for intermediate- to advanced-level female skiers.



Wide all-mountain skis range from 90 mm to 100 mm wide underfoot. It used to be that skis of this width were strictly for powder, but over the last decade, especially with the addition of rocker and better manufacturing techniques which provide more torsional rigidity, many of these skis are just as happy plowing through crud and cutting occasional trenches in the corduroy as they are floating through powder.

All Mountain - Wide Demo Skis

Atomic Bent 90119-90-109 19 (175)Park Avenue

The narrowest option in the award-winning Bent line is the weapon of choice for Atomic's freeski team. With a legacy of Olympic and X-Game medals to its credit, this do-it-all ski can rip anything: from steep, cliffy, and technical to kickers, rails, and half pipes.

Atomic Maverick 95 Ti129-94.5-113129-94.5-113Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

The Maverick 95 TI is a powerful directional all-mountain ski that doesn't shy away from any part of the mountain. Atomic’s new OMatic construction combines a poplar wood core with titanal layers for a ski that's lightweight while still being strong and damp. To cap off its versatility, Flow Profile with All Mountain Rocker makes turning easy in all conditions and provides float when you find a patch of soft stuff.

Fischer Ranger 96130-98-12119 (187)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

The Ranger 96 is the narrowest, most agile ski in the Ranger line. While the 96mm width is capable off-piste, these skis are best suited for advanced and expert skiers who mostly enjoy frontside skiing. The sandwich sidewall construction with shaped titanal caters to fast, aggressive skiers looking for the best in versatility and performance.

Head Kore 93136-95-11717 (184)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

A lighter ski means less work on your legs and more fun. The Kore 93 is light and stiff, and that, combined with its tight turning radius, makes for a very playful and dynamic ski. The featherweight construction, wide shovels, and a 93 mm waist underfoot gives the float you want in powder and versatility for everything else.

K2 Mindbender 99 TI134-99-12019.6 (184)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

The versatile width of the 99 Ti makes them capable in any terrain. K2's titanal Y-Beam distributes mass where it gives the most performance advantage. The improvements help with turn initiation and stability for bashing through crud and chop at high speed. A shallow sidecut makes for a long turning radius, so you can sweep huge turns down steep faces with confidence.

Stockli Stormrider 95132-95-12020 (188)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

The line between piste and powder is blurred by the Stormrider 95. Stable carving with perfect damping meets a playful rocker profile that will ski powder all morning and switch to groomers after lunch without missing a beat. You can feel why the quality of Stockli construction is famous when you get on a pair of these skis.

Fischer Ranger 96 - Women's130-98-12119 (187)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

The Ranger 96 Women's is the same awesome ski but available in a couple shorter sizes: 159 and 166 cm. With the tightest turning radius, the 96 is the most nimble Ranger ski, and it excels in challenging frontside terrain like moguls and glades. For advanced and expert skiers, this ski will shred the whole mountain in all conditions.

K2 Mindbender 99TI - Women's134-99-12015.4 (166)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

Quick edge-to-edge maneuverability combined with supreme versatility, power transfer, and stability—the women's Mindbender 99TI is a powerful all-mountain ski for strong female skiers who can flex a stiffer, heavier construction.

Stockli Nela 96 - Women's134-96-12117.7 (172)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

Tip rocker, a generous shovel, and 96 mm underfoot means you're ready to float in deep powder, while less sidecut in the back and a flatter tail lets you rip big lines with authority. The Nela 96 will ski any terrain in all conditions with Stockli's famous quality and precision.



Powders skis range from 100 mm to 130+ mm underfoot, and most of them aren’t very happy on anything other than steep and deep, especially the ones with zero camber or reverse camber underfoot. Almost all have rocker (early rise in the tips) to help the skis float in the deep snow, and to make them easier to turn. Powder skis rise above the snow so they are very easy to turn in the tight trees, and quite stable making big long arcs in open bowls.

Powder Demo Skis

Atomic Bent 100130.5-100-12121 (188)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

Being 100 mm wide underfoot, this ski sits squarely in the do-it-all sweet spot—capable in all but the deepest conditions. Atomic's Light Woodcore with Dura Cap sidewalls keep this ski light yet impressively stable at speed, and you can hold an edge on hard snow through the entire arc of the long turn radius. Rounded taper in the tails help you break free and maneuver in tight spots.

Fischer Ranger 102139-104-12920 (190)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

All mountain ripping machines, the Ranger 102 is perhaps the most versatile ski in its line. They're wide enough to float in powder with shovel taper and rocker helping to keep you on top. Stability and power are all there when you're arcing long, sweeping turns down steep faces.

Fischer Ranger 108143-109-13418 (185)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

The Ranger 108 is a hard-charging ski built to dominate the entire mountain. Advanced and expert skiers will appreciate being able to make high-speed turns through variable snow with confidence. Its poplar/beech wood core, sandwich sidewall construction, and shaped Titanal layer strike the perfect balance of power, agility, and float.

K2 Reckoner 102134-102-12719.3 (184)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

The K2 Reckoner 102 can credit a freestyle influence for its nimble, playful character. The fir and aspen woodcore delivers a light and snappy pop for taking to the skies.

Kastle ZX100134-100-121 20.3 (189)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

The Kastle ZX100 is a wide do-it-all ski that can ski backcountry, powder, and carve on piste. Hollowtech 2.0 lightens the shovels to improve float and turn initiation.

Stockli Stormrider 102135-102-12522.3 (191)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

The Stormrider 102 is the ski to grab for big-mountain terrain and when fresh snow stacks up. Hard-charging skiers who go anywhere and send anything will love the combination of freeride specs with Stockli’s elite ski construction. The ideal all-mountain ski for experts, it still carves like a Stockli on piste after the powder is tracked out.

Fischer Ranger 102 - Women's139-104-12920 (190)Park Avenue, Snow Park Lodge, Deer Valley

The women's Ranger 102 has the same power, float, stability, and all-mountain ripping capability as the men's ski. That's because it has the same shape and construction—with a teal topsheet and a couple shorter sizes: 155 and 162 cm.